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Mr. E's class blog. We're a fifth grade class from Connecticut and are excited to share our learning with everybody. Please look around and let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment or two. We'd love to read about you too!

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How would school be 150 years ago, than from today? Well I can't tell you right away we have to learn together. First of all I have to tell you live in the past and have come to the future to be here with you. I'm Katinka Suesen and you are? Viola really I sit next to a girl named Viola. Lets get started. School is hard where I live because we get the worst punishments if we talk when we shouldn't or don't sit up straight or laugh at someone who is getting a punishment. You don't have physical punishments at your school. Well punishments are scary like if you are a girl you sometimes get hung by your hair. You know about coat hangers right. Well they take your hair and hang it on one of the hangers. I saw my friend Eliza Mea get hung by her hair. You could also get soap in your mouth and trust me it tastes horrible because just last week I forgot to sit up so I was slouching and the teacher put soap in my mouth and thats made of animal fat. Make sure you never ever get punished if you come into the past. Thats some of the punishments we have in the past.
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