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The Jayhawker Chapter 1-4 Blog B
This article is like the Jayhawker book because Kansas and Missouri are both going against each other and calling each other names, they are fighting over slavery in The Jayhawker and in the story they are fighting over a game. People think that they are being very hateful to each other.In The Jayhawker they go to war over slavery but in the story they get in fights, and call each other names. It is also alike because both storys are between Kansas and Missouri.
Article posted November 20, 2009 at 11:20 AM • comment • Reads 94 • Return to Blog List
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My name is Mrs. Gatz and this is my second year teaching 3-8 Computers at Doniphan West Schools. I'm very excited about he upcoming year. Previously I have taught 5th & 6th grade and middle school math and science. On a personal note I have 3 children. I enjoy sports, reading and of course spending time with my children! Locations of visitors to this page

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