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teacher: Mrs. B - Grade 5

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If Only They Could Speak
“Tear! “OUCH!! Why do they want to tear me! Can’t they use my back! Every day they take me draw or write on me, and then guess what! They tear me or throw me in this disgusting garbage can. It is as if they don’t care about my life! It hurts and is so annoying!

Sometimes they even crumple me into a ball, cut me into mini pieces, and step on me! After that, they don’t even care to throw me in the recycle bin! Even though I beg them and tell them please throw me in please. I beg you because I will still live and maybe I will find a family who takes more care of me.

I am so happy when I am in a new pack at a store. I get to play, sleep, and talk with my friends the rest of the papers. Oh come on! Not again! Oh yeah I forgot to tell you, my dad and mom are trees! Ahhh!!! Help!!!!

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1. I used to live in Sudan and Egypt. 2. I have 4 houses. 3. My favorite food is ramen. 4. My favorite movie is Naruto. 5. My hobby is soccer. 6. My favorite subject is science. 7. I like to swim. 8. I am a nature lover.

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