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by KW teacher: Mrs. Gatz
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  One of the responsibilities that we discussed in class that I thought was important was Voice your opinion. Because if no one ever gave there opinion and spoke for what they wanted then nothing will ever be said and we would live with doing just what the people in office want, and it will not be a lot of fun. Like for instance say Obama wants us kids to go to school three more hours a day and we would not get out of school until about seven o’clock everyday, and no one voiced there opinion then we will be going to school an extra fifteen hours a week. So that is why I think that voicing your opinion is a very good thing.


  Another responsibility that I think is important is supporting your family. I think that this is important because no one wants to be part of a family and feel like they are all alone having no one help them with the house work or money to just get by. That is why I think this is important.


  The last one that I think is very important is voting. I think this is important so the Electoral College knows what you are looking for in a leader. If you do not vote then the Electoral College will not know wither to vote one or the anther president.  This is why I thank voting is important.
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