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Discover what's happening in the 7th grade classes at Rye Jr. High (A Middle School) in Rye, NH, US.

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Dear Dad, For this module all we really did was review the same exact stuff that we learned last year, mostly just patterns and the order of operations, and a little algebra. However, we did learn the more advanced vocabulary that we did not use last year.Overall, we learned pretty much nothing. If a had to pick one favorite part of the module than it would probably be the order of operations, just because I got a little bit of a challenge in it. Besides that, nothing new was actually learned, we learned about PEMDAS, which means that we go in the order of Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication and Division, and finally Addition and Subtraction. My least favorite part of the unit was definitely learning about patterns, because it was way too long of a chapter for something that we learned last year. All we really did anyway was learn what everything was called, which was the first thing we ever learned last year. We also learned about probability, which was a little bit interesting, but not a whole lot. There are basically two types of probability: theoretical probability is what will probably happen, and experimental probability is what did happen.On the subject of probability, we did a small project on finding the probability of a random event, like picking a gumball out of a bag, or flipping a coin 100 times. What my partner and I did was very simple, and stupid. We built a pair of industrial tweezers out of two 12 inch rulers, and taped them together. We then filled a bag with skittles and gumballs, and proceded to pick a candy 40 times. In the end, we figured that the more you do an experiment, the closer the experimental probability gets to the theoretical probability. Other people did experiments like ours, such as picking guitar picks and spinning a colored wheel. The one thing that the experiments taught us was that the more you conduct an experimentm the closer the experimental probability gets to the theoretical.Throughout the module we also did portfolio points, or practice activites that had to accumulate 100 points or more throughout the module. That was pretty much it for module 1, and next module will be much more interesting, because it is based completely on problem solving. Sincerely, LHDR

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