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Doniphan West Middle School Computer Classes

by NE teacher: Mrs. Gatz
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              The first responsibility that I think is important to me and my community is to vote. When we get to be eighteen years old I think that it is really important to go and vote because each vote makes a difference to the outcome. If people in our community don’t vote then we will not get what we want. Voting is a great way to get your voice heard.

Supporting your family is another responsibility that is super important to my community and me.  We should always be there for our family and help them out as much as we can. Family might be the only thing some people have. If we don’t support our family then things would go bad and not as much would get accomplished. The next time my mom asks me to clean up my room I’m going to do it without arguing because it is my responsibility.

Another important responsibility is to accept responsibility for your actions. If everyone went around not owning up to what they have done then no punishment would ever happen, and sometimes being punished is a good thing so we are able to learn from our mistakes. My parents wouldn’t let me go to the movies because a I had a bad grade on a test and I tried to explain that the teacher hated me and it wasn’t my fault! Of course they didn’t fall for that one and so after a few minutes of complaining I accepted my consequences and the punishment was a lot better than wasting my whole night making excuses.
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